Evonik — Culture of Opportunities

One of the world’s leading specialty chemicals company takes its social responsibility with a nationwide motivation campaign. The goal is to establish a ‘culture of opportunities’ in Germany to motivate the next generation.The campaign consists of an installation in public space as well as accompanying publications and travels through selected cities in the country. Public figures serve as a mouthpiece of the central ideas of the movement. An interactive booth offers visitors the opportunity to participate and become ambassadors themselves. (The project was not realized)

[ March 2011 — Campaign / Identity / Information Design / Strategy / Digital / Print / Space ]

Basic concept
Prof. Dr. phil. Rainer Zimmermann
Deekeling Arndt Advisors


The characteristic attribute of the brand typography becomes the dynamic element of opportunity.


Through an interface the participants can rate the potential of the different categories of opportunities and share their individual message. The LED screens are alternating between the messages of the participants and the testimonials. The translucent purple walls show the current statistics of the voting.


The installation in public space travels through selected cities in the country.



The wall-elements can be placed and arranged individually depending on each location. (Photography: Axel Mauruszat)



Possible categories of opportunities for Germany.



The citizens have the opportunity to participate in the nationwide voting via the website and social media and share their thoughts.


‘Call for opportunities’ inserts in daily press.


The ‘charta of opportunities’ shows the opinions of citizens on individual book covers.